Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets (The Installation)

    The day finally arrived! Oh but what a big snow storm there was during the night before.  The big truck from Frease Woodcraft, LLC,  Fredericksburg, OH. arrived at 7:30 AM.  It stopped down at the end of our lane and two of the fellas jumped out of the truck and were hand shoveling the snow.  Paul and I were out there with the snow blower trying to hurry and get some paths for the tires to follow up the lane and in to the lower level of the house where they could park.  Amazing, for all the snow in the morning, by the time they finished at 4:00 PM they left with a dry sidewalk and the roads were all clear as the temperatures were rising to over 40 during the day. Just a soon as they pulled out of the driveway, two men from Tower Industries arrived to make templates for the quartz counter tops.
      So here are some photos of the three men working as a team. Click on any photo to enlarge them.

The scene outside my kitchen window this morning ~~

He had to cut out the back of the sink box to fit the pipes through

But the installer put back all the pieces he cut out for the pipes, after pushing back the cabinet against the wall.

They used this long level every step of the installation, making everything perfectly level.

With a miter saw he cut each piece of the crown molding .
(The red streamers are from the light fixture, so they wouldn't hit their head on it)

Tacking up the crown molding.  Beautiful finishing touches.

Here are some of the 'details' I like on these cabinets:
I like the angle of the edges on the end of the peninsula.

The insides of each cabinet are finished beautifully too.  I like the short "spice" shelf in the lower part of the cabinet.  It too is adjustable.

 Here is another adjustable, but longer, 'spice' shelf they put in one of the cabinets.

Read the next blog post:  To take a look at how it looked when they were finished.
Find it in the archives up at the right hand column.

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