Sunday, January 5, 2014

Filling The Nail Holes

     They used oak-colored wood filler to fill in all the nail and staple holes left after the carpet and padding were removed. Helper, Austin, spent a long time on his knees going all around the floor smearing in the filler. Phil meanwhile, started to do some of the first passes with the big belt sander. You can see in some of these pictures the bare wood exposed after the first sanding. It sure was beautiful to see the "new" bare wood exposed after the old finish was being removed by that powerful sander.  They ended their first day's work after the wood filling was done.  The filler needed to dry overnight.

Phil was sanding while Austin went around filling holes.

See all the holes and gaps filled with wood filler . . .

End of first work day.  The wood filler will dry overnight.
NEXT:  Sanding It Down to Bare Wood

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