Monday, January 27, 2014

Taking Out The Soffits

There were 12" bulk heads above our cabinets and we wanted to bring the cabinets all the way up to near the ceiling, creating additional storage space. The very top shelves in the cabinets will hold seldom used kitchen items.  I will need a little step stool to reach those items.
After Paul and I had gone ahead and ripped out the old cabinets I decided to start on the soffit just to see if I could remove it before the hired Dreamwood Construction workers arrived the next day.  Well, it wasn't all that easy.  But I used a sledge hammer and did what I could.

 Ben and Tony, from Dreamwood Construction, tackle the soffits

The joists are exposed and the longest soffit is done.  It will be dry walled and mudded by Tony.
The other soffit is on the other side of the galley, here Ben is ready to get it down.

Tony has the dry wall up..

Tony finishing up the seams on the dry wall.  Like magic, NO MORE SOFFITS!

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