Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sanding It Down

Sanding. This large belt sander stripped off the very old finish right down to a beautiful bare red oak flooring.  The 2-1/4"planks were the popular width when this house was built in the 60's.

Bye-bye Christmas tree water stain!  This initial sanding did a great job ridding the unsightly blotch.

 While he worked Phil wore his brown-stained, smooth-soled yellow Crocs.

Bare wood. Beautiful after all those years!  The register covers and cold air return covers were removed, as well as the shoe molding. I had painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Aura paint, matte finish. Down the hallway, above the chair rail is York Gray, below is Finnie Gray.  On the broom closet door and end of the hall storage unit I used BM's Advance paint, Finnie Gray in Eggshell finish.
Next to the fireplace where the aquarium once was, those water stains did not come completely out. Click to enlarge photo to see it in greater detail.  But it is in a corner and the furniture will hide it.

 Notice in front of the window the Christmas tree water stain can not be seen anymore.

Using the edger machine to get close to the baseboard.  All the shoe molding had been removed.  I have it in the basement and have painted it the same as the baseboard.  Some of it was in bad shape and we bought new strips of the shoe and Paul will cut these new pieces with his miter saw.
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