Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Cupboards are Removed

     We started by removing all the cupboard doors and hardware.  Then I spent a morning boxing up all the contents of the cupboards and Paul took the boxes to the basement.  I kept a number of things handy to use in a little 'kitchen' down there. I had the microwave, dishes, and a single burner induction cook top, and of course the coffee machine. Important you don't bury the coffee pot!  The refrigerator was moved by the workers when they arrived, to the basement garage. I had a nice workable set-up to make simple meals during this renovation.
     After cleaning out the contents, we wanted to keep working along and soon found ourselves removing all the cabinets, the sink, dishwasher (neighbor is going to take that) and counter tops. Paul diligently removed every single nail from every board and all the boards and pieces were taken out to be stored in our big barn/shed. It is useable wood, he says, and is dreaming up some 'projects' for the wood.  
 My little galley kitchen Before Demolition!

Cabinets were brand new in 1965!  Good Bye! So Long!

The Doors and hardware have been removed. A big job, unloading everything from all the cupboards.  I marked every box with what the contents were so it will be easy to put it all back into the new kitchen cabinets.
Getting there with emptying out the cupboards.

Paul studies how to start removing the cabinet boxes

The dishwasher is gone.  The upper cabinets are out

We took the cast iron drop-in style sink out.  We will take it to the metal recycle center.
The two of us carefully removed the Corian counter top on this long wall and the short peninsula across from this wall. .
Oh my! Water had leaked under there in the sink area.

It was a lot of work, but he carefully removed every nail from all the boards.

 The stove has been removed along with the tall storage open pantry that was next to it.
Next and last cabinetry to be removed is this lower peninsula that divides the kitchen and eating area.

  The AFTER on this wall. 

 The AFTER on this side of my galley kitchen.

 Ready for the workers to come in for soffit removal, wiring, canned ceiling lights, floor removal and new floor installation.

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