Sunday, January 5, 2014

Selecting Floor Stain

     On Day 2: After the initial sanding to remove the fifty years old finish on this red oak flooring, it was time to select the stain we wanted.  That was a hard choice! He had MANY cans of stain, shown here is seven he brought into the house. We didn't want something tooo light, or tooo dark, or tooo pinkish, or tooo redish. So from that cue he brought in these.
    Here, Phil, owner of American Hardwood Flooring, puts down seven samples of stain. The stain he uses is Dura Seal Quick Coat Penetrating Finish.  We chose #145 Golden Pecan. It's the second one in the line. He then took his big sander and sanded away the samples.  (Click photos to enlarge for detail) 
#145 Golden Pecan is the one we selected, second one from the left.

 He then removed these patches of stain samples!

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