Monday, January 6, 2014

Was It Dusty and Dirty??

NO!  I was highly impressed with how very little dust was created with all the sanding.  They use a "Dust Containment System".  It does an excellent job.  Notice the big mirror there on the wall?  It was the only thing I did not remove from the room, being so heavy to take it down and put up again.  But I was figuring it would be covered in fine saw dust after the job was finished.  Not so. I could run my finger along the mirror, and it wasn't even dirty.  The most cleaning up I will have to do is close to the floor, on the baseboards.  I can see a little bit of saw dust on the baseboards.  But I will just take my vacuum with brush attachment and it will be easy to sweep along the base.

 Lots of saw dust in the can.
 They have a powerful vacuum that was used before apply the stain
 That vacuum hose was also attached to the big sanding machines.  This greatly contained the fine saw dust that could have filled the room and walls.  Years ago Phil said he would spend a couple of hours just prepping the room(s) before beginning a job.  He had to seal off with plastic everything, doors, windows, furniture, pictures. . .   Life is good now on the job.

Just throwing in this photo here.  All the carpeting and padding was placed outdoors.  Before they left the job they took them out by the barn where the trash hauler came by on Monday and it was all hauled away.  By the way, it was a very COLD and snowy January 2, 3, and 4th !!

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